Why choose our practice?

1. We warranty our work! If a filling fails within 2 years, we will remake it at no charge. If a sealant fails within 2 years, we will replace it or do a filling at no charge. If a crown or bridge breaks within 3 years we will remake it. Understand that this warranty is contingent upon you returning for regular six month check ups and not neglecting your mouth with poor oral hygiene and high sugar/acid consumption. I cannot warranty that which you are unwilling to care for and keep clean.

2. We can see everyone in your family! We are a true “family practice” that serves small children, teens, parents, and grandparents. We are not all things to all people, but we cater specifically to the family. Kids love our treasure chest. Lots of toys and books in the children’s nook of the lobby. There is both an adult TV and a children’s TV in the lobby. Approximately 45% of people in the practice are between the ages of 3 and 17.

3. Practically pain free dental care and shots! Modern dental anesthetics work fantastic, and Dr. Ostler has learned the hidden secrets of how to give a shot that for the most part you feel so little it doesn’t bother you and you think, “Wow, that may just be the best dental shot I’ve ever had.”

4. Emergency Pain Relief! If you are willing to wait a little bit to work you in, we can fit you in if you are in pain.

5. Laughing Gas OR Prescription pill for dental anxiety (but not both!) Laughing gas works well on children, teens, and adults and for adults a simple one pill prescription can be a huge help relieving them of their fears and anxieties allowing them to stop putting off their needed dental care.

6. Affordable Financial Arrangements! Ask us about our interest free 3rd party financing (OAC)  and our long term interest bearing financing (6,12,18 months, OAC)

7. Top-of-the-Line Dental Office! We have a TV on the ceiling of each treatment room, laughing gas, digital x-rays, a laser cavity scanner, soft tissue laser, the newest tooth drills, the best instrument sterilizer money can buy, electronic insurance claims, and a list of dental puns for fun.