• New Patient Specials

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    Our New Patient Specials Include:

    Please click here to download and fill out the New Patient form to expedite your time in our office.

    1)  For those with dental insurance you will receive a $20 Harkins Theatres Gift Card with paid completion of a full exam, x-rays, and a regular* cleaning.


    2)  For those without dental insurance we offer a comprehensive examination, x-rays, consultation, and a regular* cleaning for Children up through age 13 for $67 (reg $197) and Adults $99 (reg $306). Did you know that only 50% of Americans have some kind of dental insurance or benefit? If you do or don’t, you’re still in the majority!!


    3)  For those of you who want a second opinion we offer a personal consultation with Dr. Ostler and any needed x-rays for FREE!

    *A regular cleaning is when the hygienist can completely clean your teeth when there is no gum disease.**

    **Gum disease is known to affect the heart and is associated with coronary heart disease. It is also worsened by diabetes and can worsen your diabetes. It is also associated with pancreatic cancer and strokes! If you think you could have gum disease, call us now!!!**

    **Gum disease is when the hygienist has to clean plaque and tartar off of your roots underneath the gums.


    Check out the details for “Whitening for Life Program” available to existing and new patients!